Angel’s Landing – Zion, Utah

The Angel’s Landing hike was only 5 miles, but its uphill switchbacks, which seemed to never end, made it extremely strenuous. Once at the top you can see the whole valley, and this view and the feeling of accomplishment you get once you make it there is worth all the “Fuck this shit” moments you have to push through. One would think after making it up to the summit, that the way down would be a piece of cake and for most that is true. But for Jacqueline Bezely, it was quite the opposite. Jacqueline and I, followed by a nice man of about 50 years old who didn’t want to descend alone, started our descent. I went first so Jacqueline and the “nice man” could see where to step. But it seemed like Jacqueline did not follow my example, as her foot got caught between two rocks and she fell down, almost off the side of the mountain, but was saved by the chains that line the dangerous part of the trail (see the pictures below). Once we finally made our way to the trail head, albeit slowly because of Jacqueline’s clumsiness, we were drenched in sweat and to put it frankly, smelt like shit. NOTE: Jacqueline smelt much worse than I did. Since their isn’t any showers at the campgrounds in Zion, we did the only thing we could do, and waded into the river next to the trail head. It was getting dark and the sun had already begin to set behind the huge rock walls surrounding the valley so the water was much colder than the water we experienced on The Narrows hike earlier in the day. We dipped ourselves beneath the frigid river water and hurriedly mad our way to the shuttle stop.

We finally made it back to our campsite, shivering and wet, and rushed to make a fire. We had planned on drinking wine and getting drunk by the fire but after the strenuous day of hiking all our bodies wanted was for us to sleep and that’s what we did. Though it was the hardest hike we have done thus far, it was worth every second of pain, sweat and shivering. IMG_4040

IMG_4010IMG_4048IMG_3997IMG_3996IMG_3984IMG_4001IMG_4006IMG_4021IMG_4020Also please note, Jacqueline fell walking back down this part of the trail and almost died, but luckily only ended up spraining her knee. IMG_4037


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