Chicago, Illinois

After driving for 18 hours all the way from Morrison, Colorado, Jac and I made it to Chicago at about 1:30 AM. [NOTE: The amount of toll roads that you are forced to drive through as you make your way into the city was ridiculous. This might have been the only downside of Chicago.] Though I was delirious and Jac was more than half asleep, we finally made it and after quickly conversing with Annette, who was letting us stay at her place and was obviously exhausted from waiting up for us, we made it to our room and fell asleep almost instantly.

The next day we woke up in the afternoon, and we’re treated with a great breakfast and Annette then drove us into the the heart of the city, where we started our Chicago adventure. We hit the infamous Chicago “Bean” first, which is actually titled “Cloud Gate”. From there we took pictures and walked around Millenium Park and were shown all the art by our very own and personal tour guide (Thanks Annette!). Before we left the park we got to see and walk by the Art Institute of Chicago, where Kanye had just been presented with his Honorary PhD a week or so prior. Annette informed us many Chicagoans weren’t too happy about it, but oh well. After our tour of the various pieces of art around the park, Annette showed us the train we would use to get back to her house later in the night, the Brown Line. I’ll get more into the brown line later.

We then went to Willis Tower (formerly known as Sears Tower, which is what i still call the building to this day. “Willis” just sounds so formal and un-fun) but the line was around the block and we decided it wasn’t worth it to spend our limited time there waiting in line, so we opted for a photo in front of the “Willis Tower” sign instead.. With that, Annette left us to explore on our own, which of course started with the amazing shopping area, whose name escapes me. Jacqueline was in heaven, as she always is when she is shopping, and even introduced me to the British store TOPSHOP, which ended up being an awesome store and for good prices. After our shopping adventure was over we made our way to “Pizzeria Due” to get our fix of the famous Chicago Deep Dish pizza, which I had been hyping up for myself since before we left. It was delicious and everything I expected it to be and more. That pizza experience now sits at the top of my favorite pizzas list, albeit it does share that throne with Big Nick’s bbq chicken.

The rest of the day was spent exploring the city and we ended our adventure by making it to Navy Pier. Our timing was superb as we got there just in time to watch the sun set over Lake Michigan. After the sunset and our quick exploration of Navy Pier, we decided it was time to make our way back to Annette’s. I, being the cheap ass that I am, proposed that instead of getting a taxi  to the train stop, we could just walk it.Well I ended up being wrong about how close the train stop was which resulted in us walking an ungodly amount of blocks until we finally asked somebody where the brown line was. Unfortunately, the man who told us where it was ended up not knowing what the fuck he was talking about, which only sent us walking further and causing Jacqueline’s anger with me to rise.Eventually we found the Brown line by hailing a taxi, which I did partly to appease Jacqueline and her aching feet but also to appease my own – Something my pride didn’t tell her at the time.

We finally got to the Brown Line and ran to the train so we wouldn’t miss it and have to wait another 30 minutes for the next one; We were on our way back to Annette’s. After our long day of exploring the city, and the mess we (I) got ourselves in with trying to find the train, we both felt as if we were professional real-life Chicagoans.




IMG_4240IMG_4215From inside the Bean!



IMG_4257IMG_4247Thanks for everything Annette!

IMG_4258Aforementioned “Willis Tower” picture.

Deep Dish in all its glory. “Pizzeria Due” was the shit.

IMG_4281Quintessential Sunset pic.

Being Brown Line professionals at the end of our night.


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