Boystown – Lakeview, Chicago, Illinois

Our timing really was impeccable this trip. With the historic Supreme Court case on the legality of same sex-marriage, Jacqueline and I decided to extend our stay in the Windy city by one night in order to attend Chicago Pride; this Pride being extra special due to the new law of the land. The positivity that surrounded us was amazing and I felt so privileged to be able to be within that energy during such a special time in our country’s history.

With that said, I was miserable due to my allergies acting up from the humid Chicago summer weather, which my body and nose were not accustomed to. I stuck it out for about three hours, celebrating with my gay brothers and sisters, as well as Annette, her husband Bill, and her son Dante, and of course my Jacqueline. I did this all the while with a Pride flag in my left hand and my right hand covering my mouth as I sneezed approximately twice every minute. As lucky as I was to be there in that moment, I wanted nothing more than to get out of the humidity and away from the swarms of people, who I knew were probably hating me because of the excess snot that couldn’t be contained with only my right hand. Before leaving, Jacqueline and I had to commemorate the occasion, so we decided on buying fluorescent pink Chicago Pride T-shirts. With that, we said our goodbyes and started off for our final destination, Canada. Unfortunately, the Canadian Border Patrol did not seem to appreciate our pink Pride shirts, which we suspect aided in their reasoning for holding us at the border for three hours and tearing apart my truck. Even with my horrendous allergies and the trouble the shirts caused us at the border, I am extremely happy Jacqueline and I were able to experience and celebrate such a pivotal moment in history, all in the name of love.

IMG_4325IMG_4323IMG_4319The funniest thing about this whole picture are the atrocities that are on my feet.

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The streets were packed!

IMG_4298Jac and Bill.



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