Montreal, Quebec, Canada

One word for Montreal – Expensive. Though we stayed in a hostel (Number two hostel in Canada!) the trip turned out to be quite expensive, something neither Jacqueline or myself were really prepared for. But with that being said, Montreal was fun and a great way to start the end of our summer trip. The hostel itself was super sick (See pictures below). As far as price goes, food and drinks were not cheap, and since our Hostel was in Old Montreal and much of the night life and arts/culture area was downtown, we had to take frequent taxis that were beyond expensive. It was like taking a taxi in LA (there is a reason no one does that). On a random note about LA, on the train there as we entered Montreal, there was a huge tagging on one of the walls that was from LA’s own Norm, who also happens to be a world renowned tattoo artist that works out of his own shop on fairfax, so that stoked me out on our entrance to the city.

The first day/night we explored Old Montreal, being that we were smack dab in the middle of it. Of course, first things first – Poutine. We ended up walking two or three buildings down and found a place that served mainly poutine and drinks, it was like heaven for us both.We were greeted by a french speaking lady in her late twenties and and we both ordered drinks – Jacqueline got pitcher of Sangria and I got a high-alcohol content beer that I didn’t want to finish.  Fortunately the poutine made up for the strong and bitter beer, or it could have been I just got drunk and stopped tasting it. Who knows?

Anyways, the day was full of walking around and exploring all the sights and sounds of a city that looked like it was pulled straight out of an old tourist’s guide to Europe. Before coming to Montreal we booked a bike tour around the nightlife area. Basically what you did was you get on a bike with a group of people and pedal around the city, stopping on bars along the way where we were promised drinks as part of the package. The thing was, when we went to meet at the bar, there was no one who said they were there for the bike tour, and the bartenders looked at us like we were an idiots when we asked them about it. We thought we had gotten ripped off, but as I am on the phone with the credit card company about filing a claim against the bike company we booked with, what do ya know, we see the bike riding past us with about ten people on it. I can’t even really remember what we were thinking in the moment or what we said to each other but all I do remember is us running at the bike and jumping on as it began to push onward at a green light. We got situated and were awkwardly greeted by the others on the bike, who were passing around a bottle and speaking french to each other. It turns out they didn’t realize we had paid for the bike tour and since they were there for a birthday had assumed they were going to have the bike to themselves. I think Jacqueline and I were as equally surprised as they were. The bike ride/bar hop continued and was overall not too eventful except for a group of guys from New York who we met at one of the bars. They ended up jumping on the bike a few times and talking to everyone, and they were especially stoked on me being American and being one of their people. This must have made them extra comfortable, or maybe it was the alcohol or a combination of both, because one guy kept talking to Jacqueline and then looking at me. After realizing we were together, he wouldn’t shut up with how lucky I was and so on and so forth. At first it was all good, but towards the end it just became straight obnoxious and annoying. Obviously she is is hot, i mean look at who she is dating. 😉

The best part of the night also involved the New York guys. They decided to jump off the moving bike and they were all successful in doing so, except for one. When he jumped off, he did so in a sprint and with all his momentum he tried to run it out but was unsuccessful and slammed onto the pavement between two cars stopped before a light. It was hilarious and made my night for sure.

The next day we explored the rest of Old Montreal and went to a little square where the Basilica was. There was a long line to get into the Basilica, and what seems like is becoming a trend for us, we forewent the line and decided on taking pics in front. Our thoughts were a church is a church is a church, unless its the Sistine Chapel, which this was not.

We ended up at the port section of the St. Lawrence River where it was extremely humid. We rented one of those foot propelled boats and glided across the water until we were both sweating from the Canadian summer heat.

Once we were done with that, we went back to our hostel and changed for another night out, but it turned out just us going to a pizza place, getting drunk, then walking up the stairs of an old political building and hanging out until we retired back to our room to get some sleep for the big day of white water rafting that lay ahead. [White water rafting covered in separate post]

The street in Old Montreal where our hostel was. Prime Location.

Our hostel. Click to enlarge.

Blurry Pic from the French bike ride.
The Basilica we didn’t go in.

IMG_4077Poutine and drinks. Nothing better.


IMG_4105Old building we chilled at and chatted the night away.



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