White Water Rafting – St. Lawrence River, Montreal

White water rafting was so much fun. Thank god for the GoPro, I was able to capture our experience. Unfortunately, the way we were positioned on the raft didn’t allow the GoPro to capture Jacqueline, as she was behind me. But you can get the gist of our experience from the video at the bottom of the page.

One of the best parts of it was we had to yell as a group every time a wave was coming and when had to duck or when he had to paddle harder. First our french speaking rafting instructor/leader would yell, then we as a group would repeat it. It really added something to the experience. You can see it in the video as well. Another highlight was the water fights we had with other rafts as we waited for everyone to get ready. Obviously our raft won.

Overall, it was amazing and I think the video shows that.

Calm part of the rapids for a quick photo-op.

IMG_4098Calm before the storm.


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