The Big O – Montreal, Quebec

The Big O has nothing to do with sex or orgasms (get your mind out of the gutter). But the joy it brings could rival that of an orgasm surely, at least if you are a skateboarder like me who has been entrenched in the history and culture of the “sport”/hobby/activity/crime known today as skateboarding. Growing up an avid reader of all skateboarding magazines, I remember seeing “The Big O” in the contents, and even covers if i remember correctly, of Thrasher, Transworld,  The Skateboard Mag, Skateboarder, and even CCS catalogs. The one moment that sticks out to me regarding the infamous skate-spot was when I saw it on a back cover of either Transworld or Thrasher. It was an Independent Ad with Evan Smith skating and doing a Backside 360 to fakie in a line with ended with some variation of a nose-blunt or frontside blunt. The way he skated it made it look like so much fun and carefree and relatively easy to skate. As great as the spot looked, I never thought I would have the opportunity to skate it.

Lucky for me, my girlfriend Jacqueline came up with the idea of us taking a trip to Montreal. Montreal was never really a destination for me personally; so without her, I would not have been able to experience skating The Big O.

Even with that said, Jacqueline still deserves more credit. It was our last day in Montreal and our train left for home at 3 PM. so in order to make it to The Big O we had to hustle while taking all of our bags and belongings with us. We hailed one of the notoriously expensive cabs and using only the collective knowledge of the “BigO” and “Montrealskate” hashtags and the geotags that accompanied them on Instagram, we gave our cab driver the best address we could find and we were on our way. The Big O is located at Montreal’s Olympic Park; It was built for the 1976 Olympics and the Big O itself originally being an entry tunnel for the Olympic soccer teams. Since the spot is located in a park, we did not know the exact area of the park that the Big O was located in so once we saw the old Olympic Stadium in view, we merely told the cab driver this was it and handed him his money and got all of our bags and exited the cab. We did not realize how big the park was so we started on our way trying to find it, all the while pulling our bags and carrying our backpacks in the humid Montreal summer heat.

After about 40 minutes of dragging our sweating bodies around the park, we finally found it. It was like finding an oasis in the middle of a desert. I was stoked to be there and immediately threw my shit down and started to roll around testing out the transition that seemed so much mellower on all the videos I watched than how it actually was in real life. I skated and Jacqueline took photos and videos of me. She even skated a bit too. The GoPro allowed us to get a bunch of cool footage to document this experience at such a historical skate spot, which can be seen below.

After having a hour long, and very sweaty, skate sesh, we were on our way back to find our way to the train station and home. Ironically, as we were walking to the near-by train station I realized I forgot my skateboard at the spot. Jac called me an idiot (as she should) and I ran back to get my board, which luckily was still there. I’m sure she wasn’t too happy with my decision to get my skateboard back because about 10 minutes later she tried riding my board and fell. This fall resulted in slightly ripping and dirtying her fresh Nike Roshe Runs she had bought in Chicago two months before. She still blames me for it but that’s alright. She knows it was her fault ;).

On a serious note, I owe Jacqueline big time for trekking around that damn park with me just so I can ride a piece of wood on some oddly shaped concrete. She is awesome. Thanks Love.


pushing into o, montreal skate


Bs carve over the camera, montreal skate




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