Dunes Campground – Grand Bend, Ontario

Grand Bend was the final adventure destination for Jacqueline and I before our summer in Canada came to a close. After about a two hour drive from Burlington, we arrived at Pinery Provincial Park eager to set up camp and check out the beach and sand dunes that surrounded it. After setting up camp, we found our way to the beach, which involved walking up a tall and arduous sand dune. Once at the top of the dune we were offered an expansive view of the beach and Lake Huron that sat beyond it.

Though the beach was riddled with stones and driftwood, making it not very appropriate for laying out at, we still walked down it for about a mile enjoying this beach on a lake. After not seeing or hearing waves all summer, the waves that crashed on the shores of Pinery were like music to my ears. It’s really incredible how much you take for granted. The sound of waves, or just knowing you have access to them, is insanely soothing and you really won’t realize how soothing and beautiful they are until you are without them.

We made our way back to our camp to build a fire, eat dinner, and drink some wine together before making our way to bed. We hit a slight roadblock and realized we forgot foil, which meant we had to cook our turkey burgers on the uncleaned, black, and dusty grill that was permanently attached to the fire pit. I told myself and Jacqueline that it was fine and the fire would burn any germs off of our food and the grill, though it probably wasn’t true and Jacqueline was aware of it, but decided to let me feel like i knew what I was talking about for once. Since we didn’t have any foil, our burgers were pretty undercooked. So not only were they dirty and charcoal stained, they were a bit mushy. I didn’t really have a problem with it, but Jac wasn’t having it and made me grill hers a bit more. The point is, we didn’t get sick so its all good, right?

NOTE: Jacqueline made the fire this night and she killed it. Though I don’t like giving her credit to her face (because she has a fat head) I thought she at least deserved the credit in writing.

The next day we went to the river that ran through the provincial park and after having breakfast at the small teenager run restaurant/shack we rented a canoe to take out. The river was like ice as we glided through it paddling slowly and trying to figure out how much strength to use to get the canoe to maneuver the way we wanted it to. We figured it out and paddled our way down the river which looked like it went forever with large trees on its banks with the occasional man fishing or children playing, swinging from ropes attached to trees and then quickly letting go and making a small splash. We ended up coming across a field, if thats what you call it, of lily pads. Jac and I both gleamed at this find which was something neither of us had ever seen before, apart from in old Disney animated movies. After taking the essential selfies, we even were lucky enough to come across a bloomed lotus flower (what looked like one anyway) sitting atop the lily pads. Though that might be normal, I was and am not aware of lotus flowers but regardless it was beautiful. Something straight out of a google image search.

As we continued to paddle down the river and our arms begin to strain, we stopped awhile to look at the smooth water that sat beneath us and reflected our image back at us. At this moment, the mirror that our canoe sat atop begin to ripple. It was raining. “Spitting”, as my Canadian girlfriend would call it. But really, it was sprinkling. We started to paddle back all the while being slowly drenched. It was the best.

After getting back to the dock and then making our back to our campsite, we knew we had to see the sunset. I read somewhere prior to the trip, that the sunset at Pinery Provincial Park was in the top 10 in the WORLD. Anyone that knows me knows I’m a sucker for a good sunset (shout out San E.) so I was eager and hyped to get to see this one and see where it ranked in my own sunset experiences. It was everything I expected and more. A warm orange that dyed the overcast skies shades of purple, pink, and gold. It was mesmerizing. Unfortunately, both Jac and I forgot the GoPro and didn’t want to miss the sunset while going back to retrieve it; so for pictures all we got was the above Iphone pic. The picture does not give any truth to the true beauty of that sunset, yet it’s still a pretty good picture, thus giving you the ability to infer how breath taking it must have been for us. I hope that everyone gets the opportunity to see sunsets the way we have.  11987174_10155973379145384_850992853626032329_n


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