Denver/ Morrison/Golden, Colorado

Colorado was a short stop on the drive home from Canada with my mom. We stayed in Morrison (Thanks Don and Suzanne!) at my mom’s friend’s house. We toured the Coors Light Brewery which was heaven for me, being that I love the light shit. #CoorsLight4ever The brewery tour was great, as it was self-guided and you got two tastes as you went through the  brewery and learned about its history and then at the end you are spit out into a bar area where you get two free drinks. Thankfully for us, the people didn’t seem to mind breaking the rules and gave my mom, Suzanne, and I extra drinks. And they were all free. I definitely recommend people take this tour if they ever find themselves in the Denver/Morrison/Golden area. Not only was the tour and beer great and free , but the Brewery store was awesome too. They had everything you could ever want with a Coors logo on it. I got a Dakine X Coors Light backpack that is great quality and something I use when I travel, camp, and even for daily use at school. Only downside was the altitude, at least for me. While waiting in line for the shuttle to take us to the brewery i started to get dizzy and nauseous due to the altitude and not drinking enough water. So be ready for the altitude change and stay hydrated! #TysTips

Once again, our timing was impeccable and we happened to be in Denver when San Pedro’s very own, Dustin Garneau, was starting as catcher for the Colorado Rockies. We bought tickets and grabbed ourselves beer and nachos and relished in our own Pedro pride as one of our own made it big time. It was awesome to see someone come this far who was from the same small town we were.

Before signing off on this post, I would like to thank Don and Suzanne not only for letting us stay in their beautiful home and drink their wine, but for introducing us to Mexican Train, the best game ever.


Good advice from E.T.


Mom and I sharing beers.

Wine drunk picture of Mexican Train game

San Pedro’s Very Own



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