The Corner – Winslow, Arizona

Needing gas and something to eat, my mom and I stopped at a random exit that took us into a town called Winslow. Driving into the town was like driving back in time to the 70’s in the desert. Half the town looked deserted and there was dust/ .red dirt everywhere. It definitely was not the prettiest town. After driving around the town and finally finding the center of it where the food was and very very minimal shopping (two stores), we parked in front of a diner where there were two bikers who looked like they picked their outfits to match the biker stereotype you see when you look for “biker gang” on google images.

We ordered from a blonde waitress who looked to be around 60 and like she had worked at the small diner since she was 16. As we waited for our food, we noticed a black statue that people were taking pictures of and with. Before we could ask our waitress about the statue, my mom was talking on the phone with my dad and describing to him where we were (She couldn’t remember the name at the moment). He started naming off places and then my mom mentioned the weird statue and that we were on Route 66. He immediately shouted out “Winslow, Arizona” and the memory of the freeway exit sign came back to my mom as she confirmed our whereabouts. Since my dad was on speakerphone, I heard his ecstatic answer to our location and was curious as how he knew about some random little town of dirt in the middle of Arizona. He started to tell us that it was in the Eagle’s song “Take it Easy” and I would know it. I didn’t know it by name, so on speaker phone, he started singing it to my mom and I as we sat in the middle of the diner trying to eat our lunch. It was hilarious and had both me and my mom cracking up. The waitress came back over and then told us about the infamy of her little town. It turns out that the lead singer of the Eagles was jailed there and in his cell wrote the song “Take it Easy” . And with the line “Well, I’m a-standin’ on a corner in Winslow, Arizona” the Eagles etched her town and that corner into history.



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