Meteor Crater -Off the I-40, Arizona

Driving through Arizona on the I-40, we kept seeing signs for “the world’s biggest crater”. Though I was more than ready to get back to San Pedro, my mother and I chose to take the bait and follow the road less traveled.  On the lonely road to the crater that was littered with advertisements for it and the two “local” restaurants, we saw a man riding a bike to the crater. I was quite perplexed at this as there was no city, houses, or even farms, for about 30-40 miles in any direction and it was about 90 degrees out. But I digress. So we made it to the meteor crater, parked our cars and walked in, but only after paying $10 each for entrance. It was 4 flights of stairs to get to the ridge of the crater where we were greeted with immensity and grandeur. The pictures that I have do not show the true depth or expansiveness of this place. Interestingly enough, they have a binoculars that are pointed to certain sections of the crater where they have put things to show the scale of the crater itself. The thing that really made it sink in for me was a wooden cutout that they had one of the binoculars aimed at. When you looked closely, you could see the wooden cutout in the shape of a man – but even in the strong view of the binocular, the wooden man was minuscule and barely took up any of the space in the viewfinder. It left me awestruck; the pure immensity of the crater was insane and even being there in person it was hard to get a real understanding of what was in front of you.

Though a brief spot, and a $20 one, I’m glad we did it. It’s always a good idea to follow those signs on the side of the road if they look interesting. You never know how cool they might be and even if they aren’t what you expect, at least you know and had that experience. You don’t know what you don’t know and you only regret the opportunities you don’t grasp. Take the road less traveled; Every time.

The World’s Biggest Crater. If you look closely towards the bottom right you can see people standing on a lookout to give you some sense of scale.



View of expansive Arizona landscape from the top of the crater’s edge.

Picture Frame

Biggest Hole I Have Ever Seen (That’s what she said)



One thought on “Meteor Crater -Off the I-40, Arizona

  1. Sounds like it was quite amazing. Loved how you put this together in sharing your experience on this were beautiful. memories that last a lifetime


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