Seattle, Washington


Day 1

After a two hour flight out of LAX, we (Mom, Tayler, Jacqueline, and I) made our way to Seattle – where our adventure via cruise ship to Alaska was set to begin.

DSC_0980The first thing on our mind was food, and after checking into the hotel and dropping off our bags, on the recommendation of my therapist and others, we went to a restaurant called The Red Door. After a quick debacle regarding the legitimacy of Jacquline’s Canadian ID and the drinking laws in the state of Washington, we got drinks and finally ordered some food. The place itself was empty besides 3 other tables, but the vibe seemed to tell stories of drunken college students during the school year. Supposedly, they are known for their wide selection of beer, so Jacquline and I decided on getting a locally brewed cider beer called the Seattle Semi-Sweet Cider. Semi-sweet it was, leaving us uninspired and wishing for something sweeter. IMG_8411

Our next stop was another brewery to grab a drink. We walked a few blocks down from The Red Door and got to Fremont Brewery, which was conveniently located across from the water. We got there with 15 minutes to spare until last call, and grabbed a few drinks and sat outside. The Brewery itself was unique as it had a section inside with terraced seating and on each terrace was blackboard material so we could write stuff with Chalk. Of course, we wrote out Instagram handles. Every ‘like’ matters, right?


Before we made it back to our hotel, we remembered that weed is legal recreationally in Washington and lucky for us, we stumbled across a weed shop a few blocks up from the brewery. It was a trip to us 4 that we were able to just strut into the shop and look around. Luckily the budtenders were busy with someone else so we didn’t get ID’ed until we had already looked at everything (Tayler isn’t 21). Though we didn’t buy anything and kind of got kicked out, I still got some of the best stickers ever. Thanks #Hashtag Cannibas.


The first night ended with Tayler going to bed early and my mom, Jacqueline, and I staying up until about 2:30 AM drinking wine and playing scrabble (Jacqueline won all three games). Though it was super fun to relax with wine and games all night, three bottles of wine had us feeling slumped the next morning, especially our Scrabble champion, Jacqueline.IMG_8421


Day 2

The second day we woke up late (missing our free breakfast at the hotel) and went to meet our family friends, the Domicoli’s, at the Pike Place Market. The market was busy with tourists like ourselves hustling from booth to booth with the lingering smell of fresh fish surrounding us. After we walked its length and grabbed a quick snack, we started the long walk to Seattle’s China Town. IMG_8433IMG_8437

jac and claudia
Claudia & Jacqueline
As we walked with no real directions, we ended up in 2 blocks of vagrant dominated sidewalks where we were met with stairs and mumbles. I have never felt so out of place in my life during those two blocks, and I’m sure the majority of the group would attest to that. It wasn’t what we had planned or expected, but we made it out alive with an experience of Seattle that most tourists don’t get. Though it was one of the sketchier walks I have ever done, at least we got to see a place called Biscuit Bitch, which we got to eat at the following day with my Aunt and Uncle; The D’Anna’s.biscuit bitch



Unfortunately, China Town wasn’t what we all expected it to be. For one, it was the 4th of July so there weren’t a lot of people walking around and many of the businesses were closed. I think we all hoped for a bunch of cool & cheap shopping with some insights into the Chinese community of Seattle, but we weren’t so lucky this time.

But we did get to go to a decidedly authentic Chinese restaurant, which everyone seemed to really enjoy – Though getting the food did take forever, and getting the check even longer. After our Chinese feast that left us with three bags full of leftovers, we were finally on our way to the Gum Wall.

china townIMG_8453

fishing homeless
Saw this guy “Fishing for Kindness” on our walk to the Gum Wall from China Town

Dope Whale sculpture out of an old tree trunk on our way to the Gum Wall.
The Gum Wall took us about 20 minutes to walk to, and in true Seattle fashion, our walk was interrupted by a healthy dose of rain. We didn’t mind the rain, and eventually found our way to the Gum Wall/ Tunnel and proceeded to stick our gum to the walls and pose for pictures. It was insane at how dense the gum was in some areas. I was stoked to find a Shady Grip Sticker (my buddy Emmet’s grip-tape company ) on the gum wall. Definitely go check it out his website to get yourself some grip or hit up thee Shady Griptape Instagram. My mom also brought a ILWU local 13 sticker that she put on to the wall, next to the Shady Sticker. Pedro Reppin’ .

Seattle overall was sleepy (maybe its the weed), but still unique and worth the visit. One of the most memorable things was the smell – The city smelt and felt fresh, and the air crisp. Whenever we walked outside, it felt as if we couldn’t get enough of the crisp air that filled our lungs. It’s funny the things people appreciate when they aren’t used to them – Living in LA, good clean air isn’t something we are used to. But in conclusion, if ever in Seattle, go see the Gum Wall – It’s probably my favorite thing we did during our brief stay in the city.


Banksy art by the Gum Wall/ Tunnel

Dense as Fuck




Kristina, Tayler, Jacqueline, Me, Joey

Pedro Pride

Union Strong

Happy Independence Day from Seattle!



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