The Cruise Ship to Alaska


Our time at sea consisted of exploring the ship’s many offerings which included pools, waterslides, casinos, buffets, fine dining, and of course, lots of bars. These bars/lounges ended up being our group’s meeting points and where numerous games of scrabble took place throughout the 7 day cruise. If I could put the cruise ship experience into a short concise list, it would be be ; Food, Scrabble, Mixed Drinks, and Breathtaking Views.


Part of the Waterpark on the top deck.

The first day at sea showed us the vastness of the Pacific NorthWest which cannot be summed up into words. Crisp air surrounded us on the decks of the ship as we played scrabble and drank coffee in the mornings, and alcohol in the afternoons. The scrabble games might have been the most fun we had on the ship itself, which is not to say the ship was not fun; Simply, scrabble with our group is a riot. All of the kids played, and a few adults here and there. As the trip went on, the scrabble board became a hot commodity – Everyone was vying for it so they could play a few games on their own terms.

Deep In Concentration
Myself, Jacqueline, Lauryn, and Rahil were battling it out all week

The second day at sea was our detour up the Tracy Arm Fjord (FJORD!). Jacqueline and I were woken up by a phone call by my mom at about 7 AM, informing us on the beauty that we were missing and to come up to her balcony with coffee and enjoy it. We made our way up to her room with coffee in hand and stepped onto the balcony where we were greeted with serene views of huge looming rock walls, trees, waterfalls, and multiple small islands that surrounded our ship.

As we made our way up the Fjord and towards its end at the Dawes Glacier, we found our first Ice Berg. My mother Diana, Tayler, Jacqueline, and myself were all watching from the balcony as it happened where we all had our phones out with our eyes wide and mouths dropped as we watched it float towards us and then float away until it retreated into the unseeable distance. We were all so amazed by this piece of ice, which is funny now because as the trip progressed we got to see all kinds of ice bergs and even full glaciers.

Morning Read with a View




This was the first Ice Berg of many

We continued up the Fjord where we marveled at the snow capped mountains that engulfed us from both sides and the dense tree cover that engulfed said mountains and made us feel so small and insignificant, but in the best way. It was beautiful beyond measure. IMG_9934IMG_9892DSC_0333IMG_9823IMG_8572IMG_9976

Family Pic (Missing Dad)


Selfies for days


Some of the many small islands we passed


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s another snow-capped Alaskan mountain!
Looking and Hoping for Grizzlies
Still lookin’

DSC_0174DSC_0173DSC_0166DSC_0165DSC_0162binocular pic

We eventually made our way to end of the Fjord where we were greeted with numerous icebergs floating around us (some with seals perched on them) and the massive glacier known as Dawes Glacier .The boat sat there for about an hour, giving us enough time to snap pictures and even grab lunch at the fine dining restaurant, Truffles, where we were offered spectacular views.


Best Lunch View Ever


The View of the Waterfall from our table at Truffles for Lunch

We were about four miles away from the glacier, but even from that distance we recognized its sheer mass and beauty. This was especially helpful with the catamaran boats to give us some visual context.DSC_0365DSC_0359DSC_0331DSC_0330

Just the tip of the Ice Berg


The Red Frog became our meet-up for the trip, where all kinds of games of scrabble and shuffleboard were played as well as some great music. In typical Rich D’Anna fashion, my uncle got on the stage and did some impromptu songs with the ship’s band, where he of course, killed it. Check the video’s below.


On a separate note, everyday when we would get back to our room after the housekeepers had cleaned it we would find a  different animal shaped towel. This day’s was the best one – An Orangutang hanging from the light fixture. IMG_8929IMG_8930

But at the end of the day, a place or trip is only as good as the people you are with and our cruise ship experience wouldn’t have been as amazing as it was if all these people were not there with us.

The Group!

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