Kayaking on Chilkoot Lake – Haines, Alaska

In order to get to Haines from Skagway, we had to take a 45 minute ferry ride across the Lynn Canal, which isn’t actually a canal by definition ,but I digress.The ride to Haines exposed us to more waterfalls than I could have asked for –  It was as if every time I looked out there was another one. But even with all the beauty surrounding us, Jacqueline still managed to fall asleep on the ride there: Typical.

DSC_0071DSC_0076DSC_0080DSC_0078 (1)DSC_0067DSC_0088

Through the ship’s window: One of the many waterfalls

Momma and Tay

We arrived in Haines where we met one of our guides, Jonathan, and boarded the bus to the Chilkoot Lake. Jonathan was nice and knowledgable about the city of Haines and the surrounding flora and fauna. But if it wasn’t his 5 foot 4 stature and stick-like body that gave away his age, it was his voice. Jonathan sounded like he was 17, and didn’t look much older.


The Pier in Haines Harbor

Once we made it to the lake, we were greeted by our other two guides/naturalists: Taylor and Grey. Upon hearing that one of the two guides was named Grey, both Jacqueline’s ears and my own perked up, thinking that the name Grey was the coolest thing ever. Unfortunately, Grey’s douchebag personality ruined the name for us forever. Another interesting point that both Jacqueline and I noticed separately was the weird dynamic/tension between Taylor and Grey.We both surmised that they are definitely fucking, which only seemed to be more confirmed as our kayaking adventure with them continued

Random couple fishing on the Chilkoot Lake

We walked to the dock where we were given a quick safety rundown, and shown how to put on our skirts (to keep water out of the kayak and off us). Before we knew it, and after listening to Grey’s lame ass attempts to be funny, we were ready to go kayaking.

Ready to go kayaking in our skirts
The kayaks we used were bigger than any I have used in the past, and they also had a rudder,which really threw me off the first half hour as I wasn’t used to using one for direction rather than just paddling. But, I eventually got the hang of it, as did the rest of the group,and we paddled our way into a near-by cove and watched for animals: Mainly bald eagles and bears. Unfortunately, we did not see a plethora of wildlife, as we were said we would on the excursion pamphlet. But we did see some ducks, and got to see one bald eagle perched at the top of a tree and then fly away gracefully over the lake and disappear into the distance.  Regardless of the small amount of wildlife we got to see, it was still a breathtaking excursion filled with waterfalls all around us, snow capped mountains towering above us, and thick untouched forest on the coast to the side of us.


Blurry zoomed in picture of the one bald eagle we saw that day


As we kayaked and took all the pictures you are seeing on this post, I wasn’t paying attention to where we were going and ended up getting to close to the shore and scraping the rudder against the rocks. I am pretty sure this is what caused the peddle that controls the rudder to be shoved into the back of the kayak, making it impossible for my feet to reach it. This caused the kayak to just go in a circle, leaving Jacqueline and I stranded as the rest of the group went on out of the cove. Luckily for us Jonathan was close by and came to our assistance and fixed the rudder as good as he could. It wasn’t completely fixed, so I had to have my foot pushed down on the pedal as hard as possible as if I was trying to make it go left, yet it went straight. I guess I really fucked it up. Oopsie doopsie; I guess you can call it karma for Grey’s douchebagness.DSC_0127DSC_0124

Momma and Tay




Momma and I


After 2 hours and a three mile paddle, we made it back to shore where we took a few last pictures and boarded the bus back to Haines where lunch and our ferry to Skagway was waiting for us. DSC_0140DSC_0145

Haines, Alaska
Our lunch was had on the beach in the Haines Harbor and consisted of lemonade, sandwiches, and chips; Nothing too fancy, though for the price we paid for the excursion I think we hoped for something more. After a long day that left me dripping in sweat and tired, we boarded the ferry back to Skagway and our cruise ship that was to take us to our next adventure: Whale Watching and Glaciers in Juneau, Alaska.


Waiting for the ferry back to Skagway

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