2 Night Stay in Las Vegas, Nevada

Day 1/ Night 1

Our (Jacqueline & I) Vegas trip was finally happening after almost a year of talking about it and a few months of waiting after planning it in May, and we couldn’t be more stoked. Jacqueline and I got to the airport flexing hard in our Vegas outfits, and boarded the swanky Virgin Airlines and we were off.

His & Hers

IMG_9753Once in the air we were surprised to find out that we got complimentary beer & wine, which Jacqueline immediately took advantage of. Unfortunately, Jacqueline’s thirsty eyes led her to an upset stomach from drinking the wine so quickly – And of course, the extremely turbulent last 10 minutes of the flight did not help. Even I, someone who has never got sick from flying, felt like I was about to throw up. It was quite the way to enter our Vegas trip that we had been planning for almost a year. Thankfully our luck only went up from there.

On our arrival, we were blessed enough to meet our good friend, and Jacqueline’s best friend, Olivia, at the terminal. After our greetings, we uber’d to the hotel we would be staying at: The MGM Grand.

We arrived at 3 PM on the dot which happened to be check-in time so the line to check in wasn’t short and by the time we got to the front, it had been an hour. But by working some good ol’ Vegas magic my uncle Ernie taught me, we were able to get a free upgrade to a suite. Our luck was looking up already.

One angle of our room that does not give it any justice

On top of all that good luck, it got better; Our room happened to be a pokestop so you know what Olivia and I were doing during any free time.

Next, we went on a quick exploration of the strip to find some food. We stopped at a burger place where Jacqueline snapped this picture of Olivia and I.IMG_0260

After we had refueled with some burgers and beer, we went back to the room to get ready for our first night on the town and as one would expect; a photoshoot and champagne drinking commenced. IMG_9859IMG_9758IMG_9782


During said photoshoot, Jacqueline imagined she was a model, thus we have the following pictures.

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I think this next set of photos showcase our relationship perfectly.

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So after that drunken photoshoot fun was over, we started our night – First at New York, New York to gamble quickly then to walk the strip.

Heels came off quick
I have absolutely no idea what was happening here…
On the way to the club


Earlier in the day a promoter got Jacqueline’s attention and ended up giving us free tickets to Omnia, the night club in Caesar’s Palace. Though before we made it to Omnia in Caesar’s Palace, we had to make a quick pitstop at the famous Bellagio Fountains, which according to Olivia have something to do with Oceans 11.

We drunkly made our way to the club and in a way only Olivia could manage , we found ourselves cutting the 2 hour line to get in. IMG_9911

We ended up getting drinks at the bar in the insanely crowded club and not knowing what to do with ourselves, we walked. We ended up going up a set of stairs that, unbeknownst to us, was the VIP table section. And again, Jacqueline and Olivia maneuvered their way into one of the tables to get a few pictures where I quickly followed to experience the life of the rich and famous until we were routinely kicked out by security and sent back downstairs.

But Jacqueline and Olivia’s slick maneuvering did not stop there. Once downstairs they took it upon themselves to sit down in another VIP table section, but this time they didn’t only take pictures, but took drinks of what I am guessing was some very expensive champagne. Once the girls got kicked out of there, we all decided we had had enough and made our way out of the club and back to the strip.

Another VIP table/balcony spot that the girls snuck into


The girls almost fell off this twenty foot tall ledge, but in the end they survived and we got the picture to end our night.


Oh yea, we almost fell in here too^^.

Day 2/ Night 2

The second day/night of our trip consisted of a few less pictures but just as much fun.

The day started with the $30 each buffet, which sounds like a lot, but to hungover us, it was all worth it. And if Olivia is reading this, biscuits are not scones. Not now, not ever.IMG_9959After being energized from our first drunken night, it was Vegas pool time to soak up the sun and relax until our final night in Sin City. The MGM Grand pool(s) were huge and to our surprise, we discovered there was a lazy river in it to wade through, even hitting up a waterfall along the way. Finding three seats together wasn’t easy, but once we did the beers started to flow and the skin started to tan.IMG_0261

Jacqueline & I are always flexin’

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After about 4 hours, our pool day had drained us so we went back to the room to nap a bit and get ready for a Vegas show. Once we were all ready to go, we got an Uber to Fremont Street for dinner and to play some cheap tables. By the time we finished dinner, there wasn’t enough time to really gamble at the old casinos on Fremont so we got a raincheck for next time and went on our way to the Rio for a classic Vegas magic show.


How could I not post this one?

IMG_9981We arrived at the Rio to pick up our tickets at will call and with some time to spare we sat down at the blackjack table. Like usual, Jacqueline did good while Olivia and I saw our money disappear rather quickly.

Before we knew it, it was time to go to the show where we ended up having great seats on the balcony in the very first row.The magic was fun and wholesome for the most part. Though there were slow parts where it was just Teller (who doesn’t speak), my body’s urgent need to pee kept me awake.

The best part of the show wasn’t when they made a cow dressed as an elephant nonchalantly disappear, but it was the interactive card trick that each individual audience member got to participate in. But I evidently can’t take directions very well and for the big interactive magic trick, it didn’t work for me as I messed up the steps. But on the bright side, it worked for both Jacqueline and Olivia so they were stoked with their magic moment.

Overall the show was good, just not what we expected. We wanted something more adult and raunchy while this show was very family based. Well now we know for next time.JPEG image-135C46DCF6E4-1

Since our last few hours in Vegas were coming to an end, we surmised that gambling was our best option. We gambled for hours in New York, New York at the blackjack tables all the while meeting and socializing with the dealers and others at the tables. We were all up by a lot at one point, but we got greedy and ended up losing some money; Well I was down at least.  And what seems like is becoming a trend, Jacqueline was up again at the end of the night.

Jacqueline came up around $200 and Olivia and I both lost around $40. Jacqueline’s win might have been from the luck of the weird kid from Indiana who followed us from table to table and didn’t stop talking – It was the world’s way of paying us back for involuntarily being his friend for the night. Even with our new friend, the free drinks kept us going and having fun and the money we lost was given back to us in free drinks so it wasn’t so bad.

And with a night of gambling with fun people and drinking for free (sort of), our Vegas trip came to a close.

Until next time Sin City.

We Love Vegas!










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