Bridalveil Falls – Yosemite, California

Still sore from our death-defying hike the day before, we decided to keep it mellow for our last day and do one of the many quick hikes that Yosemite offered. We wanted to see a waterfall but didn’t want to expel too much energy in doing so. So we picked the Bridalveil Fall Trail. We caught one of the busses from Half Dome Village to Yosemite Village ,where we had to catch another bus to the trailhead. On our bus ride there, we were lucky enough to stop at El Capitan and witness a few climbers trying to reach its summit as well as others stopping to camp about half way up.

El Capitan


Next, we got off at our stop and started on the trail, which really wasn’t a trail at all. It was paved and had a parking lot, and besides the brief steep incline, pretty much anyone could do it. We even saw people in wheel chairs going up the trail to the viewing area of the waterfall.

We made it to the viewing area in about 10 minutes and were left very underwhelmed. It was summer so waterfall wasn’t flowing, just trickling off the top, and after seeing the incredible waterfalls on our other hikes, we were not impressed.

At the viewing area was a very clear sign that warned patrons not to climb on the rocks that lead to the bottom of the waterfall. The reasoning was that the flowing water had made the rocks extremely slippery and that the water was stronger than it appeared. It ended by stating the occurrences of death due to people not heeding the sign’s warning

Since i was trying not to slip and die I forgot to take a photo of the sign, so here is somebody else’s photo of it so you can see what i’am talking about.


But of course, we forewent the sign’s warning. The creek portion of the falls was dry as it was mid August so we assumed it was relatively safe and jumped the fence and started climbing the rocks towards the bottom of the waterfall.

The sign was not lying; The rocks and boulders were extremely slippery and made our climb a bit more challenging than we had expected. We were constantly slipping and trying to regain our footing as we climbed to the base of the waterfall – We came close to breaking ankles a few times along the way.

After making it across the dry creek and over and around the slippery boulders, we were rewarded with a perfect pool of water that laid calmly at the bottom of the fall.

At the pool was a European couple with thick accents who were debating on whether or not they should jump in. It was just us three and the European couple and an empty natural pool below us: it was uncharted territory as far as we were all concerned.

Though the water was much colder than we expected for a hot day in August, the girls immediately decided to go in. After seeing the girls go for it, the European husband  decided to go for it too.

Check the below video of the girls frolicking in the pool ↓↓


I was more hesitant as I didn’t want to deal with being wet and was more focused on getting pictures. But as I stood there on a boulder watching the girls shiver in the cold water and documenting it as best as I could, the middle aged European lady basically said “fuck it”. She took off her shirt and jumped into the pool of water in only her bra and shorts. With that, I was convinced and said “fuck it” too and went into the cold and serene pool of water that laid beneath the waterfall.

You can see my “fuck it” moment in the video below. ↓↓


With all the stoke that comes from swimming in a pool at the base of a waterfall we were eager to document it. Jacqueline was so eager that when she went to film herself and Olivia jumping in, she slipped and fell in. But lucky for us, she got it all on camera.

Watch it and laugh below. ↓↓

Photoshoot on the rocks.img_0151img_0137

Photoshoot on the boulder.img_0163img_0171


After diving in, a crowd started to accumulate – Surely they were inspired by our sense of adventure


At this point our dip into the serene natural pool was over. We were all dried off and packing up our stuff when Olivia noticed this boulder that was loudly calling my name. During our whole time in Yosemite I was talking about how I wanted to find a large rock to climb on top of for nostalgic purposes (Shaver Lake).

So lo and behold me standing on a big slippery rock.img_0139

Contrary to the story this photo tells, Olivia was a great sport the whole time and was a pleasure to have with us to explore one of the most beautiful and sublime places I have been thus far.
This photo tells the true story. The three best friends that anybody could have.


After a long week in Yosemite filled with activities that could have lead to our deaths. we decided that we obviously deserved some type of reward for being so active. So of course, we rewarded ourselves with pizza from the pizza & beer spot in Half Dome Village. Yosemite really does have something for everyone. With our bellies full and our bodies tired, we were on our way back to reality, where the inspiration found in Yosemite’s sublimity would not be possible to recreate no matter how many photos we had to look back on. img_0173 The days in Yosemite were filled with grueling hikes, interesting characters, and pesky squirrels (fuck you Frances) but having great people to enjoy the ride with made all those moments that much more enjoyable. Having great company made this trip what it was; from the great campfire conversations to the panting complaints for water, and to the shrieks of laughter we made to compensate for the coldness our body felt in the water, the moments Olivia, Jacqueline, and I got to share, no matter how dangerous or stupid they might have been, are memories that will endure the years.

So stoked I got to #EnjoytheRide with people I love so dearly.

Jac & I taking in the grandeur of Yosemite one last time – Note how El Capitan and Half Dome loom on either side of the valley.




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