The Northern Lights and a Penis Museum – Reykjavik, Iceland

Reyjkavik was an…interesting place. It’s really hard to describe the capital city of Iceland in one word as it had so much to offer – though “quirky” might be as close as we can get.

DSCF0513Our first full day consisted of driving around the city and just exploring. The first stop was Hallgrímskirkja – the largest church in Iceland. We walked in and forewent the sign that said we had to pay to use the elevator (on Anthony’s recommendation) and we were at the top of one of the tallest structures in Iceland in no time.



At the top we were given a 360 degree view of Reykjavik, a long with our first dose of the numbing wind that had Suriel and Anthony regretting not having gloves.DSCF0517DSCF0522

Beautiful Snow-capped mountains everywhere we looked

A statue about the USA in Iceland – Who woulda thunk?

The Penis Museum

Like I said, Reykjavik is quirky, It also happens to be home to the Icelandic Phallological Museum – Or in simpler terms, A Penis Museum. I first came across the museum a few years ago at 2 AM on a Saturday night scouring through Netflix for something to watch. On that night I found the infamous documentary “The Final Member” – fast forward a few years later and I found myself in the museum itself.


Due to my friends Anthony and Suriel being weenies, I had to go to the museum by myself, which I was fine with. I Wasn’t going to miss this kind of opportunity just because I had no one to go with.DSCF1209



Not only was there actual penises, but penis art as well.

These are actual casts of penises of  Icelandic Olympic Handball Team.

All kinds of Penis Paraphernalia.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pictured above is “Elmo”, the American star of “The Final Member” (the documentary i mentioned earlier). Elmo has his own comic book as well as a replica of the real penis – which will be donated to the museum once Elmo’s Texas owner dies. #Merica


Self Explanatory



Below is our first rental car. After hanging out with Basty and Solveig (New friends introduced to us by Anthony) and having great conversation for hours, we came out to a flat tire.

Also big shout out to both Basty and Solveig for letting us borrow a pillow and a sleeping pad on top of inviting us into their home for tea and great conversation.


We eventually had to walk 25 minutes in 32 degree weather to the car rental place and pick up a new car. As annoying and inconvenient it was, it was better it happened while in Reykjavik instead of when we were driving all across South Iceland.


You know I had to do it.

The Northern Lights

It was our last night in Iceland before we left to Norway, so we were hoping for good Northern Lights conditions and that is just what we got.

We went to the Reykjavik coast, along with a bunch of other locals, to see the lights. It reminded me of going to Cabrillo Beach in San Pedro, California for the Grunion Run or 4th of July – Lots of people there with tons of headlights, but unable to make out any one individually.



As incredible seeing The Northern Lights in person was, the best part of it was hanging out with Anthony and Suriel just messing with the camera and talking shit to each other while posing for pictures.

We messed with the shutter speed on my camera and had a photoshoot for a few hours until The Northern Lights disappeared from view. Somehow one of us (probably me) hit double exposure on my camera setting and none of us realized it until we got back, so many of the photos we took didn’t actually come out. But in the end that’s alright because the process of taking the photos and acting like fools together is what we are going to remember and cherish more than anything.


Scope some more of the photos that came out below. ∇∇∇

DSCF1408DSCF1410DSCF1411The Northern Lights were incredible and seeing them was an emotional moment, but what was more incredible was enjoying it with my two dudes, Anthony and Suriel. Even through all the episodes of Black Mirror and watching Suriel and Anthony battle it out in NBA 2K I never got tired of them – And that says a lot.

I couldn’t have asked for better company to experience the beauty of Iceland with. DSCF1415

The biggest shout out goes to Anthony Smith for letting Suriel and I crash at his place and for taking us exploring. Anthony showed us the ins and outs of Iceland and without him, we would not have had the experience I have been so lucky to be able to write about here.




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